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We are a Compassion Rating Agency

The sustainability of a Business is judged not only by its financial profits, but also by how it improves people's lives and the planet’s wellbeing. Research shows there is a positive correlation between company success and people satisfaction (customer & employee). So, how can you create a more compassionate organization?


At the Goodness Project we help you begin this journey towards increasing compassionate behaviour by using our proprietary tools to firstly measure -

  • Compassion levels of Organizations - Compassion Index (CI)

  • Compassion levels of Individuals - Compassion Quotient (CQ)


Our scientific rating system offers individuals and organizations critical insights on holistic performance measurement and business risk mitigation.​


Understanding Your Compassion Quotient

Our proprietary ‘Compassion Measurement Inventory’ is designed to:

  • Determine the Compassion Score of a business and uncover special insights on its ‘Triple Bottom Line’

  • Gauge the Compassion Quotient of people (all stakeholders, including employees)

All of this has one purpose: to enable action for continuous improvement, and to improve performance, results, relationships and resources for the organization, its people and the planet.


Take our online survey to find your Compassion Quotient.


See how you score across the 5 dimensions of compassion.


Join the Goodness Generation in making the word a better place.

The Goodness Project:

The Central Nervous System for compassion

And it doesn’t stop there; on the anvil are programs for:

  •    Action-learning Certification

  •    Values Education - Universal Ethics, Compassion & Goodness

  •    Community Engagement

  •    A Goodness social-network

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The Art of Good Business 

The future lies in the hands of the Goodness Generation, people who want to make things better all around us and make the world a better place.

The real Art of Business lies in tapping into the energy of these people; their energy to effect positive change,tapping into their CQ – Compassion quotient.

By reinforcing financial & non financial performance measures with one for the people; their desire and ability to improve, we can make robust business frameworks that leverage compassion for all round performance and growth.

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About Goodness App

Goodness App is a mobile-first, modern tool, developed to help individuals and organisations grow in awareness and take action for the greater good.

Read More about the Goodness App at

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Ravi has over 40 years of experience across industry, locations, and domains. And now rests lightly!

Varun has over 10 years of experience in Marketing, Digital Products and Customer Experience.

The Goodness Team

There’s more to life, work and play than just ‘competing’. The time has come for  ‘competitive advantage’ to make way for ‘collaborative-advantage’. At the core of everything is our #goodness and our #compassion that is making the world a better place!


G Ravindran


Ravi has over 40 years of experience across industry, locations, and domains. And now rests lightly!


Varun Ravindran


Varun has over 10 years of experience in Marketing, Digital Products and Customer Experience.

IMG_2616 rs (1).jpg

Simran Oberoi Multani

Content Anchor

Simran is a ‘community builder and Leader’ who is vastly experienced in knowledge development & research. She teaches & consulting in L&D, D&I, Emotional Intelligence and has published over 40 articles on human capital & engagement.


Vindhyalakshmi Arkalgud

Research Analyst

Vindhya has a PhD in the field of consumer behaviour in online retail and is passionate about social impact, extending her skills in market research and analytics for community development. 

The world is waking up to Compassion. What about you?

Increasingly millennials want to work for companies where they can make a difference, positively influence others and ultimately leave this world in a better place than they found it.

It’s no accident that organisations with more compassionate leaders have stronger connections between people, better collaboration, more trust, stronger commitment to the organisation, and lower turnover,

The stage has been set for a new approach to leadership that transcends the traditional methods of organisational performance to take care of the human condition at the heart level. Compassionate leadership.

Margie Warell,

Author and keynote speaker

Compassionate workplaces are a win-win for everyone involved. Employees who work within them benefit by feeling more connected, less stressed, and freer to be their authentic selves. Companies benefit through greater productivity, enhanced problem-solving, better collaboration, and increased performance.

Paul Polman,

CEO - Unilever

Rasmus Hougaard,

Managing Director

of Potential Project

It's not just us, but people from around the world who believe that it takes very LITTLE to make a BIG difference in the lives of others.

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